This is my favorite doctor’s waiting room to do comedy in.
Mean Dave @ Our Little Theater (via courtingcomedy)
S’il imagine tant de scènes amoureuses ce n’est pas seulement parce que son amour réel a été déçu : mais avant tout, c’est qu’il n’est plus capable d’aimer.
Sartre, L’imaginaire. (via lacucarachaa)


There you are, just driving along in your 1987 Buick LeSabre, when, POP! your 1987 Buick LeSabre breaks or is broken in its engine under the hoodblock. You can tell it’s broken because it has stopped moving forward and is sitting still.

What do you do? You could take it to a mechanic for…

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“I would also like to mention one very short nightmare that took place in an Italian restaurant. As I was leaning over my food, a young Italian waiter approached and asked ‘peppe?’, meaning ‘pepper?’, while looking at my vanilla ice cream.”

(Peter Ustinov when asked by Germany’s Die Zeit to talk about his dreams.)

— From London.

What’s up with the 5th graders these days? Giving your middle finger to people, wearing make up, showing your ”cleavage”, getting a facebook/tumblr/myspace account just to get ”popular”, sayin’ ” i’ll meet’cha in mah bed tonite! ” when you haven’t even got your damn period yet, swearing infront of your parents, and wanting to grow up real fast?. When i was your age, i played with Polly Pockets. I gave High Five’s to my friends, not my middle finger. I wore eye glasses not make up. I showed my talent, not my cleavage. I got all my homeworks done. I say ” see you in school tomorrow! “. I don’t swear infront of my parents and I never wanted to grow up because childhood was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I loved my childhood and i wished that i never grew up. Enjoy it, you only live once.


Robert Pattinson (and Tai!) answer your questions about Water for Elephants!


So one of my new friends thinks I dress hip, and he’s surprised I’m not majoring in graphic design. A lot of people majoring in it, don’t dress good, or they don’t look like an art kid. But I guess I fit the art kid type. I was going to minor in graphic design, but their projects are nuts! And i…

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I want wind to blow - The Microphones.

There’s no hope for me,
I’ve been set free.
There’s no breeze,
There’s no ship on my sea.

The blown-out drums are probably my favorite part of this song.

That awkward moment when someone says “remember me?” &

*you just like*